"2021 was rough and I want to make everyone's 2022 spectacular"

In this sit-down interview with Khaleelah, we will learn more about how is Health Heros LLC doing and what other things are in store for us this spring. We will also learn all about the things the company wants to achieve in this year.

Photo: Health heroes in Health Heros LLC merchandise.

"I was overwhelmed with the response our company has received from our consumer base. I did not expect people to have raved about our products. I started small and with the intention to keep it that way for a bit. It was a passion project, kind of like my baby in a sense that I was so afraid of putting it out there for the world to see. But now that it is there, it feels so surreal and good that people have been receiving us so well. The gratitude that I feel towards the kindness of our customers is beyond my words." Khaleelah replies when asked about how she feels towards the warm welcome the healthcare community towards her business.

Photo: Khaleelah Shabazz, Health Heros LLC CEO and President in a Health Heros LLC merchandise shirt.

"I came out with this idea first because I wanted to dress the people in healthcare and make sure that they are also taken cared of since they've been taking care of people. Even more so that there is a global pandemic that is happening. When the products came out, I wore them everyday to work and it feels incredible. This is why I am elated every time I see someone wear these scrubs to their work because I know how these scrubs feel. I personally feel like I am bold, brave, and fashionable each time I dress myself with the Health Heros LLC scrub. I want to share that to people, make them feel their absolute best everyday, put a smile on their faces. It's the least that I could do for them while they are out here saving the world." she adds after telling the story of how this all started for her.

Photos: Health Heros LLC customers in their novelty shirts.

The discussion then went on about what keeps her motivated and how is she able to come up with new ideas. "To be honest, just seeing someone wearing a Health Heros scrub or merchandise fills me with joy. Not because the brand is seen or that someone bought from the company. But because I know how I feel when I am wearing these scrubs. It provides me with both comfort and confidence." She replies when asked about where she finds new inspiration with her brand. "I mean I have worked with experts both in fashion and healthcare to find out the best technology for our clients. Most of the products we have, especially the scrubs collection and the jackets are medical grade. They are functional and mobile. I want our customers to feel that they are putting on a 'uniform' but still offering that feeling of chic and convenience." she adds.

Photo: Health hero in a Health Heros LLC scrub.

Of course, like any other brands, we asked her how does she make these things work. Who helps her run her business. "I have an awesome team behind me. In fact, most of them are my family. I have only one person that helps me with promotions and content. But other than that, it's the people that I hold dear to my heart that help me make this dream a reality." She then adds that she plans on expanding the business. She believes in the brand and where it wants to go. She is planning to go international by 2023 depending on how things will go. "I am thinking whether or not we are going international because I have been receiving some messages from people across the world asking if they could buy even if they are from Singapore or Australia. This definitely is a challenge but nothing Health Heros LLC couldn't handle. Right now, we offer nationwide shipment to any state in America and we are still just a small, intimate team. Imagine us in a year with more people helping us run the business." visibly excited, Khaleelah shares her enthusiasm of what the future holds for Health Heros LLC.

Photos: Health Heros sporting the Fashionable Collection.

"I know the teasers were very ominous and mysterious. We have been working so hard to make a new collection for everyone to be able to enjoy hopefully by mid-spring. These scrubs are totally innovative. Unfortunately, I can't spill the details right now because I want to surprise our patrons. Although there has been some who has already pre-ordered or purchased these scrubs the company wants to keep it on the downlow before the release date. It would be some time around mid-April." she replies about the rumors of a new collection being released. "I think everyone won't expect this from Health Heros LLC. They are so different from what we've came out before and I am excited because it makes the brand even more diverse. You need to stay tuned and follow us on all our social media to know all about them." giggling about when the release would be and what w would expect with the new collection.

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