March 2022: Health Heros is heading to a holistic perspective for Healthcare scrubs

Photo: Khaleelah and fellow health heroes from the Bay Area enjoying a cup of coffee with their limited edition mugs.

The new Health Heros LLC

Health Heros LLC is currently going through a rebranding. From an interview with Founder and CEO, Khaleelah Shabazz, we have found out that Health Heros LLC is looking towards a more holistic approach in providing healthcare workers fashionable scrubs. "Our healthcare workers don't say it too often but we often find ourselves getting burned out, too." she said when asked about why is the company going into this direction. "We have taken into consideration that people look to us [Instagram profile] for motivation, and sometimes even for emotional support. I have had a few DMs of fellow nurses reaching out to me telling me how they are so happy to have found the company." she added. She further explains why the company is launching campaigns such #MentalHealthMondays, #WelfareWednesdays, and #TriviaThursdays because she believes that there are people out there that needs to hear encouragement from time to time. "Health Heros LLC, while we advocate for giving back to our 'heroes', we also want to be a hero to them. Aside from being a fashionable scrub brand, we want to be a friend. We want everyone to feel welcomed when they engage with us." explaining the companies goal for 2022.

The future is female

Photo: Khaleelah, CEO of Health Heros LLC and fellow health heroes

We all know that Health Heros LLC is a POC-owned company headed by a strong, female CEO However, it is no secret that the company has had its fair share of doubts to the success of the company. In fact, in the interview, she has expressed that she still has doubts about the future of the company. "I started my business some four months ago, and I am enjoying what I am doing. I have made new connections, strengthened past relationships and have been very satisfied with where the company is. However, it would be silly if I would say that I am not worried at all." she answered when she was asked if there were any hardships she encountered while implementing her business. As of now, she is offered the help of her family to keep the business running in terms of orders, social media presence. Keeping it small and intimate isn't the end goal, however. "I want the company to extend its reach." explaining some of the campaigns they have pioneered last month, February. With this, a strong, empowered woman in the field shows great vigor in making an impact to the community.

Grubs and Scrubs

In February 22, 2022, Health Heros LLC officially released one of its main advocacy. #GrubsAndScrubs is a donation/gifting drive for our healthcare workers around the Bay Area. For as low as 65 USD, you can gift a scrub to a health hero around the Bay Area whilst also being their lunch buddy as Health Heros LLC gives a free meal along with the scrubs. "Our lunchbreaks are super short and sometimes we couldn't even relax all too well because we need to get back to work ASAP because of our current situation." she laments why she launched this promotion. She states that these healthcare professionals spend and risk their lives everyday to taking care of others and asks "Who takes care of them?". This is what motivated her to continue with the project, she wants to provide some comfort to her fellow nurses, doctors, health aids, caregivers, and anyone who is currently helping our world recover. However, it is met with challenges as it only currently caters to residents in the Bay Area. "We are taking baby steps but hopefully we could go national with this and who knows, maybe even international. We won't be able to do this without you guys." she says after asked for the future of Health Heros LLC and its advocacies.

Looking forward

There is nothing more exciting than hearing what's in store for a company like Health Heros LLC. We have proven time and time again that this is a company by the people, for the people. Khaleelah Shabazz is making waves sharing her passion towards other healthcare workers whilst also her being an active ingredient to the success of this phenomenon. "I am proud to say that I am a nurse and that I confidently help others find their style and voice while being of service is a great achievement, but I am not stopping there." she confidently quips when asked what will Health Heros LLC look like before 2022 ends.

For her, it seems like a great undertaking and she can't predict what it will be. However, she also believes that nothing is impossible due to the shower of support and continued patronage of her clients. "I strongly believe that with our clients, we will get to where we set out to do. I implore myself to do my absolute best to give the best to the country's best. I thank everyone who has shown us all the love but the journey does not end here, this is only the beginning. I implore everyone to keep checking us out on all our social media platforms because what we have in-store for everyone is going to be exciting. I cannot wait for the next few months." she exclaims. When asked if she is hinting if there will be new products and designs coming out, "I guess you have to follow us on all our social media accounts to find out."

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