"Not all heroes, wear capes. Some wear fashionable scrubs."

Khaleela Shabazz (center), CEO of Health Heros LLC with other health heroes.

In service of others

It is highly undeniable that today's current health crisis has been tough on everyone. According to The Guardian and Kaiser Health News there has been deaths of 3,607 healthcare workers in first year of the pandemic in the USA alone. Even in these numbers, we still see growth in healthcare employment, projected to be 16 percent higher in the next decade according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. "I want to take care of people because it fills me and my soul", CEO of Health Heros, Khaleelah Shabazz shares her sentiment as to why she chose to be in the medical field. "I am a nursing student and currently working as a home health aide. It's fulfilling to be able to show care and love to the society through making sure that I attend to the wellbeing of my patients.", she added.

Comfort in fashion

People say that 'no pain, no gain' or 'fashion is pain'. However, there has been a recent trend of comfortable fashion since the dawn of the new decade. In a recent survey by Lululemon Athletica, 96 percent of their clients want their clothes to be fashionable and comfortable. This goes without saying that the shift in clothing has now become more of it being relaxed and easy-to-wear. Gone are the days of wearing hot, heavy, and itchy clothing. Lounge-wear, athletic and casual wear have seen a huge interest due to our current situation i.e. staying indoors, social distancing policies, restriction of public gatherings.

Passion for fashion

Health Heros LLC founder and CEO, Khaleelah Shabazz has a unique way of seeing healthcare scrubs. "I want to be comfortable at work but also bring fashion into healthcare." She adds that being able to work in clothes that they feel empowered greatly affects how they perform at their job. Being that she wants it to be functional as well, her designs have zippers and buttons that are super accessible allowing them to change in and out of their scrubs with ease. "Sometimes if me and my colleagues would want to go for a coffee break, it's hard to change in and out of regular scrubs. We don't want to soil them so we sometimes need to spend 10 minutes in the locker rooms to change to civilian clothes." Explaining her designs that have complete mobility and functionality through stylistic but strategic placement of zippers and trims. An honest review from a patron recalls "I really love them! From the material, to the stretch, the style, love them!"

Why wear Health Heros?

The answer is quite simple. If you want to feel comfortable and chic, this brand offers you that. Not only does it allow you to feel awesome, you'd still look professional whilst impressing your clients and patients. It is also a good way of showing your personality to the people you serve. It has been proven, time and time again that being personable at work has enforced a positive impact in the healthy relationship between healthcare workers and patient. We empower you to be BOLD, BRAVE, and FASHIONABLE while being of service to others.

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