Why do we need to support black-owned businesses?

Let's start off with the disclaimer that we do not wish to create a division. However, we want to also foster a space for people that have been disenfranchised for a long time and support them. This is by no means to harm other businesses or diminish their existence, rather putting forth businesses that not a lot of people see in mainstream culture.

Visibility matters and it helps

According to the Federal Reserve, African-American households make 85% less to the average white family's income. The wealth gap is traced back hundreds of years from the time even after black liberation. Evidently, this could be attributed to systems that do not favor African-American businesses. In business, companies benefit from how it is easily identified by clients and prospect investors. In the context of the time, visibility may be seen through support in online platforms. Conversely, this may contribute to the growth of the company as people will be able to recognizes these enterprises.

Building a community

It has been proven that small to medium business enterprises make a huge, it not majority, chunk of the American economy. 18.7% of the businesses in America are minority-owned according to the Census Bureau in 2018. While there are no specific numbers that point necessarily to just black-owned businesses, in the same report it is seen that there is around 134,567 of those are owned by African-American owners. Supporting these businesses help further advance the American economy because it is a large contributor to the system.

Black-owned businesses are for everybody

A research launched by 10x10 in partnership with Google, called the "The Black Report", shows that Black-owned or minority-owned companies are highly likely to hire or employ a more racially diverse team. This establishes the fact that black-owned businesses are for everybody. This has been seen in many other local small to medium enterprises as the economy is growing after the emergence of the #BlackLivesMatter. This also supports the strengthening of the economy because it boosts the revenue of any locality as these businesses return money in regulation at a much higher rate. It also ties-back to building a community as it brings people of different walks of life together while enriching the faculty of their community.

It closes the huge racial gap

It is pretty evident that there is still a racial gap in America. As mentioned earlier in this post, there has been a huge, and all of the talking points lead to the bigger picture of letting people of a highly marginalized group have an equity in modern day America. Being able to stay afloat and prosper, Black-owned businesses will thrive if they are given support and patronage. Allowing these enterprises to have access to resources and providing a platform to be seen will highly contribute to their growth. The American dream is idealized as having same opportunities across individuals regardless of sex, age. gender and religion. However, it is also proven that the systems in place do not favor minorities which prompts other ways so that they could be seen to grow significantly. The inclusion of these minorities in the society plays a big role in getting us to narrow that racial gap. Not only does it promote assimilation even further but it also removes the division of the differences that separates these communities.

The commitment

Health Heros LLC has always tried to include, as many as they could, different walks of life. This is not merely a political stunt but an advocacy the business believes in. From our models down to the sizes, Health Heros LLC has made great efforts to make sure that everyone is represented, and included. The company wants to shift the current socio-political climate by doing its part in the enrichment of this sector. Having said that, moving forward, they aim to make it even bigger but this will not be an easy feat. The struggles, energy and time funneled into this endeavor will require the support of the people on the ground. Despite that, the company believes in providing excellent products and services that not only attract customers but also puts the brand on the radar for other people.

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